Champagne Bubblee Column: The Invisible Enemy

Champagne Bubblee, AKA poet Mr Milise, shares his most recent spoken word piece about the current global pandemic and how people are coping with it, as the human race faces its biggest challenge in recent history….

If we can lean into the wind and keep walking with a grimaced look of determination.

Gritting our teeth and curling our soft hands into clenched fists.

If we can self-isolate but demonstrate a display of unison and solidarity.

If we can brave this storm whilst the raindrops trickle down our faces.

At least nobody can see us crying.

If we can make sacrifices and ask how our loved ones are feeling.

If we can just BE humans being.

And tell our children when they ask, that our planet… is healing.

Show them that the moon still glows at night.

And when they wake up in the morning, they’ll see the sun is still beaming.

Be mindful of those that need reassuring.

Tell the old and the frail that we WILL, cuddle again one evening.

And all of us can JUMP in the puddles, when the flood is receding.

Acknowledging each other and laughing for no reason.

Other than realising we CAN realise our dreams again.

If we can share stories when we’re sat around with our families.

How we overcame adversity and played piano on the balconies.

Whispered tales and testimonies of generosity and of charity.

And how heroes emerged in the face of this tragedy.

We’ve been torn apart by wars before.

But not many have fought an INVISIBLE ENEMY.

But the fact that we were born means all of us are warriors.

And we’ll fight to end this epidemic, by any means necessary.

Make a plan to rendezvous with what was meant to be our destiny!

Sending the deepest of sympathies.

To those who lost their relatives.

And spare a thought for the impoverished, that can’t afford the cost of medicine.

An international emergency, unparalleled in history.

But let’s try to walk steadily on this path of uncertainty.

When we’re socially distancing but my heart can feel togetherness.

Because our hands are held together when we pray for humanity.

Quinton teaches poetry and creative writing online. You can download his debut EP at 80p from every £1 will go towards charities that support NHS & key workers.

Your support is most welcome. Follow Quinton on Instagram @champagne_bubbler and @whoismrmilise. Email him on

This feature was published in the May/June 2020 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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