Damion shares his recovery tips

MK dad Damion Brown, who almost died of coronavirus, reveals the key things he did to help his body fight it off…

Damion Brown knows a thing or two about coronavirus after spending 11 days fighting for his life at Milton Keynes University Hospital.

The 38-year-old gym-goer is now back at home in Milton Keynes recovering with his wife, Cat, and daughters Millie and Primrose after the traumatic ordeal that saw him put on oxygen support in isolation on a Covid-19 ward.

And ‘Miracle Man’ Damion – who has received lots of media exposure from the likes of ITV, the BBC and The Mirror – has taken to Facebook to post a public video in which he shares the key things he did to help his body fight off the deadly virus.

Damion said: “You’ve got to keep your body moving, do not lay down in a bed all day. “Make sure you eat to give your body energy and cough as much as you can to clear your lungs – do the breathing exercises too.

“Also, you’ve got to try to think positively, which is hard when you’re in isolation in a room, but it really helps.”

Damion recounted his own dire situation when he realised he needed to give his body a better chance of survival. “I was really weak, I got worse and worse as my oxygen level kept dropping,” he explained.

“I laid in the bed for a few days not eating anything then I realised I needed to start feeding my body to give me some energy. Drinking Lucozade really helped too.

“My advice would also be to try and sit up in the chair – do not lay down throughout the whole day, that brings back bad memories for me, it really does.

“Sit up in the chair and walk around the room when you can. Just try to keep the blood flowing in your body.

“If you get the pneumonia aspect of it like I did, I coughed a lot of stuff up and that really helped me. The doctors wanted to put me to sleep to give my body a fighting chance but I wouldn’t let them do it. I felt like I wanted to cough up the stuff in my lungs and was worried I would die if I was laying down incubated on a ventilator.

“They created a round the clock care treatment for me that worked out for me luckily.”

Damion knows things could have turned out very differently for him. He said: “I am very lucky, I think about that every day after seeing the death that we are seeing right now – it’s left me a bit traumatised.

“I’ve been out of hospital a little while and I still hardly have any energy, I’m able to talk a bit more without losing my breath now though so there are signs of improvement.

“Never again will I take the little things in life for granted.”

This feature was published in the May/June 2020 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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