16 year old speaks openly about mental health to help support community

Milton Keynes girl Jenni May Stockton has bravely talked openly about how she manages her mental health issues, to help other members of her gym community who may be struggling.

Energie fitness gym, based in Kiln Farm is providing a full on-line fitness, health and wellbeing service to its members and others who wish to join.

It was as part of this that Jenni May, the most junior member of the fitness team, volunteered to share her first-hand experience and knowledge of what to do when depression and anxiety start to creep in.

At this time, with so many people in isolation at home as part of the national effort to slow the spread of Covid 19, underlying mental health problems can come to the fore.

“Our gym responded quickly by taking our services on line within 48 hours of our enforced closure,” said Rob Francis, owner of energie fitness.

“We are providing over 30 classes per week, many of which are live over the Zoom networking service, so that our amazing instructors can interact and engage with the members as they train with us. But it was Jenni May who suggested that she helps others by giving them fantastic advice and links to apps and other information that is freely available out there.”

Energie Fitness is not only providing a wide range of classes delivered by local super star instructors, but also gives advice on everything from starting out running, to mindfulness techniques and much more.

Jenni May said “Our club has always been more than just a gym. We are part of a community. And I feel that it’s important that we all contribute to our community in a positive way when there is so much bad news around!

“One of the things that keeps mental problems at bay is physical activity. That’s why I’m loving the gym workouts: I know it’s too easy to do nothing unless you have a proper structured class. Physical exercise releases natural endorphins, so even though you don’t feel like doing a workout, afterwards you always feel better.”

To hear Jenni’s other ideas, and checkout the links to other sources of help, go to facebook.com/energiefitnessmiltonkeynes or email the team at Milton.keynes@energiefitness.com

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