Milton Keynes gym adapts to keep staff, keep healthy and keep fit

Following the government’s instruction to close all gyms in the UK, energie Fitness in Kiln Farm has dramatically transformed its model within 48 hours to keep its members active.

The Milton Keynes gym, which has over 1400 members, has taken its services online to provide daily classes, workouts and inspiration – keeping its team of 4 fitness staff in full time employment.

Robert Francis, owner at energie Fitness said, “At this time it is more important than ever that we keep ourselves fit and healthy. Where it might seem initially that this is difficult- gyms are shut, we shouldn’t leave the house- it’s actually much easier than you might think! We are all unsure how long this state of isolation will last, so it was important to create a platform for our members to continue their fitness for physical and mental wellbeing.”

Robert also said, “I’ve heard people ask- What’s the point in exercising? We aren’t bothered about looking good for the beach. We can’t even go to the gym. But in truth right now- exercise is more important than ever!

“Firstly- we need to keep a routine. If we are stuck at home we need to get up and get active. What better way than to start the day with a home work out, or a short routine of simple exercises. It will get the blood flowing and heart pumping. It will wake you up. It will give you something to do to start your day.”

The club is offering a full programme of classes ranging from Pilates and yoga to HIIT classes, Box fit and even low impact classes for those who need a gentler full body work out. The classes are being produced by Milton Keynes based super star instructors so it means that they are relevant to the Milton Keynes community.

Robert adds; ”We are putting out personalised home work outs that our members can do up to three times a day created by the team that they love.

“Creating amazing classes from our own homes means that I can still employ my team- keeping them busy, giving them positive things they can do. It also means that we are not losing our members- instead our membership is increasing as people want to join in”.

“It’s not just the classes themselves that is a benefit to our members, but it’s the community that we have created. Our members are sharing with and supporting each other all on our private social media community page.”

Odette Mould, local Harry’s rainbow charity founder says, “It’s still feeling that I’m part of a group, sharing pics and banter about our work outs, that helps to make it fun. It means that I know I am part of a community even if I can’t be actually along side my buddies sweating it out. Also the variety of classes is brilliant! Especially the ones designed for our kids to join in. And if we want a particular type of class the team respond and create one for us!”

There are other organisations providing a unique home work out experiences too. Be Military Fit is providing small group (up to twenty at a time) live work outs for their members.

Be Military Fit’s National Director Tommy Matthews said, “Our fitness programmes are ordinarily run out doors, but at this time we have adapted our training protocols and set up our instructors with the tools to provide live group fitness from their own homes,” says Tommy Matthews national director of Be Military Fit. “Our instructors know their members and can stream the work outs to those who book onto the class via an app. The members then live stream themselves back to our instructors so they can check form, give encouragement and inject our unique military sense of humour and enthusiasm into every work out!”

So, at this time there is no excuse! Get up, get moving. Be part of something.

Stay in. Work out. Stay healthy!

Follow some of the workouts here:

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