Danie-Jade Column: Let’s be kind to each other

Fashion columnist Danie-Jade talks about the negative impact that social media can have on our mental health following Caroline Flack’s suicide, plus charity t-shirts…

This is a little bit of a different column for me this month. We’re not going to talk about fashion, the next new trend or what makeup products I recommend this month.

We’re going to talk about mental health. With the recent news of Caroline Flack taking her own life, many of us have seen the world in a new light.

In the wake of this beautiful young woman, feeling so alone that she felt no other choice but to leave this earth, the media is still full of hate.

As a broadcast journalism graduate, the media is always a platform I’ve looked up to. A place that I believed could do good and could spread love and positivity as well as give us the latest updates on every topic possible.

And it’s the same with social media. We all love watching funny videos on Facebook, cute memes of animals on Twitter and liking our friends’ photos on Instagram.

But to still see and hear about the vile comments people are receiving, to hear of the trolling some people encounter every day and the overall number of bullies on these platforms is terrifying.

Fast fashion brand In The Style released a range of t-shirts in honour of Caroline’s passing and to promote positivity online.

“In a world where you can be anything… be kind” was a phrase shared by Caroline before her passing and has since become a world-wide phrase. The £10 t-shirts are sold completely profit-free for In The Style and all proceeds go straight to the Samaritans charity to help fund their incredible work.

#BeKind has quickly become a motto and way of life for so many brands and individuals that I believe should be spoke of more.

We all have no idea what goes on in the private lives of celebrities, our friends and even strangers. We have no idea of the struggles some individuals face every day and one stupid passing comment could really affect their mental health.

I’m not sure what will be achieved from this month’s column, but if it benefits one person and helps to spread positivity then I’ll be happy with that. So remember, #bekind.

For more updates, follow @itsdaniejade on Instagram for all of her fashion posts.

This feature was published in the April 2020 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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