Local mental health support group launches digital consultations

Arthur Ellis: Mental Health Support have introduced morning and afternoon digital support groups for its Milton Keynes contacts amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

To increase the support, they can offer online group digital calls as well as 1:1 sessions, these can be booked via the Arthur Ellis self-referral form on their website.

The new digital mentoring service covers 3 groups and is available are for all existing clients and any new self-referrals. It has been launched after the government announced increased social distancing measures earlier this week.

Three services are being offered:
1) Regular group calls for anyone in the 70+ age group to join facilitated group sessions. The themes of these groups will vary but will include talking about managing medication, loneliness, discussing their concerns or just having a chat and a cup of tea. Anyone in the 70+ group will be able to log-in to a small chat group with the focus on getting to know new people experiencing digital technology and learning about online chats through experiencing it for themselves in a facilitated format.
2) There will also be 1:1 Mentoring sessions for Children, Young People and Adults.
3) There will also be specifically designed sessions dedicated to family groups and couples.

Jon Manning, CEO of Arthur Ellis said: ‘Everyone needs help, now more than ever, and mental health or emotional support needs to not only be sustainable but easily accessible whilst still being affective. We uphold our values, as a result of people needing more support at this time, I have committed that Arthur Ellis are reducing our standard fees by 25% to improve accessibility to all for a minimum of 12 weeks on digital platforms to ensure no breaks in mentor support.’

Anyone, including children and young people, 8-18 years, as well as adults, 19 and above, can access the Mental Health Support Service, by completing the online Arthur Ellis self-referral form. Several digital sessions will be available using Zoom that can be accessed by callers on a computer, mobile phone or a tablet device.

Every online request will be processed quickly by a Lead Mentor enabling people to join a group or a 1:1 session at a convenient time throughout the day.

For support, simply get in touch by visiting the Arthur Ellis website and complete a self-referral form.

Self Referral Form

Your request will be seen by one of the mentors who can then plan to contact you with further details. A member of the team can then send you a log-in email and arrange the best group for you to join.

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