Cranberryhome Column: Secrets of a property stylist

Hugo Fleming, director of award-winning local property styling and interior design company Cranberryhome, has joined Celebrate:MK as a columnist. The House Doctor consultant explains how to sell your home for more money.

Your home is your sanctuary. However, when people decide to move, your lovely home ceases to be your home any longer and becomes an “open house” for potential new owners.

Styling your property in readiness for selling makes obvious sense. Living in your property for so many years you will naturally be a little blind to its condition, style and appearance and you will typically make excuses for any areas of neglect.

Potential viewers, however, see it all and can easily be put off. Knowing some of the secrets of a property stylist will help you connect potential buyers to your property.

An in-depth real-time appraisal of your property in its current state is a vital first step. Stylists will research both the property and potential value and suggest how to get the best return on your investment.

There will be many individual options to style your home, so you need to work out the cost-effective ones first giving the most impact.

Apart from the obvious decluttering and having a good clean, I would recommend depersonalising, that’s removing any reference to who owns the property, be it wedding pictures or qualifications on the wall.

Purpose each room correctly: bedrooms should have a bed in them. Tackling those unfinished DIY jobs is also a must, leaving these will tell your potential buyer that you don’t care.

Knowing that we only have thirty seconds to create a first impression, go to town on your kerb appeal. Your entrance area is key, so smarten up your front door and ensure this is inviting with a natural scent.

Stylists use subliminal sensory stimuli to connect buyers to the property, this helps buyers to visualise themselves in your home.

Lastly, one of our biggest secrets is that professionally styled homes often go on to reach a higher sale price compared to a non-styled home.

A difference of 8 to 10% improvement in the sale price is often achieved for as little as a 1% investment in the property. Shh now, don’t tell everyone!

Hugo is often found at Ask an Expert at Grand Designs Live, and is in demand as an interior designer all over the UK. You can email him on or visit for more information.

This feature was published in the March 2020 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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