Beauty with Nilam Column: Spice up your life with EMS training

World-renowned beauty and skin expert Nilam Holmes talks about treating her clients before the run up to the BAFTA’s, Oscars and Brit Awards, an anti-inflammatory beauty tip and electrical impulse exercise.

Hi I’m Nilam Holmes, beauty expert to the stars and owner of Dermapsa clinic. The last month has kept us super busy prepping the stars for the BAFTA’s, Oscars and Brit awards.

I didn’t travel to LA this year due to other business commitments, but luckily many of my clients were in town and managed to see me while they were here. A lot of treatments I do have long lasting results which helps, because then they can just do their own red carpet skin routine on the day, and still see the effects.

Celebrity clients

This month everything went a bit crazy for us, after Victoria Beckham posted a video of herself having a Collagenwave® skin tightening treatment with me, before the BAFTA’s Vogue Party.

People ask me what it’s like to work on celebrity clients. It’s not as glamorous as it seems and it’s a lot of pressure trying to deliver results, within the shortest time possible and often on location. But this is what my clinic is renowned for.

Treatment of the month

EMS training. This isn’t a treatment as such but something I do once or twice a week myself for 30 minutes, with a local team called Charged Fitness (Insta @ chargedfitnessuk).

Basically you wear a special suit attached to a machine, which sends strong electrical impulses into the muscles to tone and strengthen them whilst you do basic training movements.

I don’t get time to go to the gym but this gives me the equivalent of a few hours strength training in 20 minutes and we do 10 minutes of cardio too. Usain Bolt, David Haye and many other athletes use it to enhance their training.

It’s not super hard to do, but you feel the aches after and it keeps me in shape.

Beauty tip Arnica is a wonderful anti-inflammatory. You can use arnica cream under eyes to help reduce inflammation and puffiness. Also, taking tablets will help fatigue and jet lag.

For more, visit and follow Nilam’s updates on Instagram @nilamholmes

This feature was published in the March 2020 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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