Willen Hospice unveil Midnight Moo 2020 plans

Willen Hospice is inviting local people to sign up for its popular Midnight Moo walk, taking place on Saturday 11 July.

In a departure from previous years, organisers are hoping to appeal to more people than ever by opening the 10 mile walk and shorter Half Moo, to both men and women.

The charity launched its flagship fundraiser this week, also announcing the introduction of the Moo Night Run, which will set off just before the walk. The run, which is the first of its kind in the city, will follow the same 10-mile route and is also open to all.

For those who prefer an early night, the Midday Moo walk will return on Saturday 27 June. Due to popular demand, the route has been opened to all, and extended to cover 10-miles, from Willen Village to MK Rugby Club, with three pubs stops along the way.

Peta Wilkinson, Willen Hospice Chief Executive, said: “With the start of the new decade, it feels right that we update our events to appeal to everyone. After all, our care touches both men and women so we think our events should reflect that. We hope everyone will embrace the changes this year and choose whichever Moo is right for them!”

The Midday and Midnight Moos are open to walkers of all levels, whether they take part on their own, in pairs or as a team. Moo Night Runners should be confident in their running ability. Head torches and bright clothing are essential.

Registration for these events is just £20. Organisers are also encouraging walkers and runners to gather sponsorship for their Moo as this money directly supports local people who are living with limiting illnesses.

The charity needs to raise £4.7 million every year, that’s £9 a minute, to continue to provide care to patients in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. The Moo events are key to helping the Hospice to reach that goal.

To find out more and to sign up, visit http://www.willen-hospice.org.uk/moo

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