New countryside feel-good fitness centre opens on outskirts of Milton Keynes

Forward thinking fitness expert Matthew Mitchell has expanded by opening a new fitness centre in Bedfordshire on the outskirts of Milton Keynes.

The new 2000 sq ft site has had a £60k investment into the development of the building and equipment – which includes two unique studios and outdoor training spaces.

Located at Manor Farm in Potsgrove – less than a 5-minute drive from Woburn – Revive’s picturesque countryside location offers those looking to improve their fitness an ideal setting to escape daily distractions and look after their health.

Focusing on cardiovascular, strength and endurance training, Revive offers small group exercise classes alongside private personal training sessions housed in two fully equipped studios.

In addition to the studios, there are two large outdoor spaces for training sessions which has plans for 12 ‘Tough Mudder’ style obstacles added later this year.

Revive’s future plans also include corporate away-day sessions where businesses can gather employees for meetings and conferences followed by fun team bonding obstacle challenges.

Later in the year, Revive will be offering fitness retreats at the idyllic venue where guests can disconnect and press reset – particularly beneficial for people looking to break out of unhealthy routines to change their mindset for longer-term health benefits.

Guests will take part in strength and endurance sessions, mindfulness and learn about nutrition with interactive meals where they’ll take part in a cooking classes – learning how to cook some tasty and healthy meals.

During school holidays, Revive will host half day sessions specifically designed for inactive children, or those who struggle with weight and nutrition. These sessions will include fun fitness activities and education around food and exercise.

Revive is run by fitness and nutrition expert, Matthew Mitchell who has extensive experience spanning 10 years. Known for improving people’s overall fitness mindset, Matthew continues to develop as a fitness expert through regular training and development and attending conferences and seminars.

Matthew Mitchell, Owner of Revive comments: “My purpose is to help as many people as possible to change or improve their lifestyle both physically and mentally by using Revive’s three core elements of mindset, nutrition and exercise. We aim to bring that feel-good feeling through exercise to keep both body and mind healthy.”

Matthew continues: “Revive is accessible for people of all ages and abilities. The small group sessions are the best way for people to start. We treat every single client as an individual – even in group sessions. We ensure exercises are tailored to each person’s capabilities to help them achieve results in fun and supportive group setting. No two classes are the same which keeps exercising fresh, challenging and rewarding for all that attend.”

Lose weight, tone up and stay focused on improving health and fitness with Revive’s brand new studio. Revive are offering a free trial session to anyone looking to improve their lifestyle and habits through exercise.

The new fitness centre is located at Manor Farm, Potsgrove, MK17 9HG. To arrange a complimentary session, contact Matthew directly at

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