Local gym and GP practices team up to help tackle UK obesity epidemic

energie fitness is working with the Milton Keynes GP Federation to help get adults over 40 back into fitness.

The Kiln Farm-based gym is working with the local federation of GPs, who represent all 26 GP practices in Milton Keynes, and the federation has developed a plan with energie giving any patients using their services over the age of 40 the offer of a free month of membership at the energie Gym.

Rob Francis, the owner of energie said, “we felt we could support the work that our GPs do to try and get the public to play an active role in looking after their own health and fitness”.

Dr. Thao Nguyen of Parkside practice based in Bletchley praised the move. She said, “The Federation recognised that it’s very hard for GPs to get time to give their patients much needed advice and support to help them to be more physically active. For patients too it’s hard to know where to start in their journey to a healthier life-style.

“So working with a reputable gym like energie Fitness, where there are always staff available with the expertise to give helpful guidance and advice was very important to us.”

Rob added, “We have a lot of experience working with people who need that extra support. So it seemed natural that we could help Milton Keynes GPs in their government driven efforts to provide “social prescribing”, in other words a move towards getting the public to take positive action to improve their own health and wellbeing.”

This national ”social prescribing” initiative has been stimulated by the growing numbers of people suffering from illnesses like diabetes and heart disease that are directly linked with the increase in overly fat and obese adults.

Milton Keynes was cited in a recent study as one of the places in the UK with the highest rates of over weight or obese adults.

“We hope this initiative will provide people who want help a place to get advice and guidance in a supportive atmosphere. It’s all about people getting more active, enjoying moving more and making healthier food choices. If we can get this right it’s a small step that we hope will help reduce the number of adults reaching crisis point with their weight and needing medical intervention”, said Dr Thao.

If anyone over 40 is interested in receiving a free months membership at energie Fitness, based in Kiln Farm, they can speak to their local GP practice where they will be given all the details on how to claim it.

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