Mental Matters Column: Letting go to let life unfold

One of the UK’s top motivational speakers and ex-MK Dons footballer Drewe Broughton talks about the power of letting go when you’re utterly powerless.

I remember the first time I heard these two words used together in relationship to fulfilment of potential. It flew in the face of everything I had been taught up until that point.

I had been schooled in the mindset of seeing a vision, setting a goal and doing everything in your power to achieve it.

The concept of “letting go” created images in my mind of sitting on my sofa with my feet up and just waiting for it all to happen. There was no way that was a possibility for me. How could it be?

After all, “I’m an athlete, I’m a winner, I’m a fighter.” This is WHO I am. I then had to look at the truth in my life. Yes, I was and am all of these things but it’s not working.

A quick inventory of my life and underachieving results showed this. What I came to understand over the months that followed is that “letting go” is where true power and true fulfilment of potential resides.

It doesn’t mean sitting on the sofa, feet up and waiting for the world to serve up all your desires. Far from it, It’s ALL about action.

See your vision, create your goals, show up, work tirelessly in pursuit BUT, and here’s the game changer, LET GO of when, where and how your vision might become material.

Accept (another huge word) your utter powerlessness over pretty much everything other than the ability to truly apply yourself and the courage to be yourself, don’t compromise on your self-respect.

To achieve a mindset of “letting go” you must investigate your spiritual beliefs. I see mountains, lakes, the ocean, the power of storms and I see a universe so powerful that really, I’m just a bag of bones, some flesh and a brain.

There’s much freedom in that. I don’t then give up, I attack daily with all that I am… but I let go of my sense of control, I have none.

So many mental health issues, especially in high performers are linked to this. A fear that “it won’t happen, where am I going?”

Surrender to not knowing, that’s the ultimate courage.

For further information, visit or drop an email to Drewe at

This feature was published in the January 2020 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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