The Alternative Board launches to offer MK businesses unbiased advice

If you are tired of networking events being all about the sales pitch and want to put a spring in your business step in 2020, The Alternative Board (TAB) has the solution for you.

They have created unique advisory boards of successful, local business owners who receive and share unbiased advice on contemporary business topics, pure and simple.

A TAB Board boasts half a dozen non-competing business owners who share valuable advice from their vast experiences, with no hidden catch.

Everyone involved with the advisory board can also take advantage of private 1-2-1 coaching sessions, which will keep you accountable whilst helping move your business to the next level.

This isn’t networking, it is smart learning – exposing you to a unique way of getting business advice from the people who have ‘been there and done that!’

“TAB has been around for 30 years with a proven record,” said Shankar Meembat, director at TAB Milton Keynes.
“The last statistics highlighted that TAB members earned, on average, 5.4 times more revenue growth than non-members.

“You have a group of individuals who are unbiased and honest, willing to give you their advice and opinions on issues relating to your business. You are not there to sell to each other, but to help each other – and that’s what makes the difference.”

Are you looking for impartial advice about the challenges and opportunities you’re facing in your business?
TAB is here for you; bring an issue to one of the meetings and you’ll be able to get practical advice and suggestions from other business owners.

To see whether TAB is the right fit for you, register your interest in their taster session in January and experience a TAB board at work.

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