Simon and Zib plotting new MK indoor skatepark to get youths off the streets

Ex-skateboarder dads say funding is available for the project but they need land to get it off the ground, as they look to fill the local youth club void…

Two local dads are on a roll in their bid to launch a new indoor skatepark in Milton Keynes – but they now need help with finding a suitable plot of land to house it.

Ex-skateboarders Simon Dodson and Zib Atkins believe an indoor skatepark would be the perfect solution to the lack of youth clubs in the city and help keep youngsters off the streets.

And there has never been a better time to do it in Milton Keynes as the city urgently looks for ways to tackle its growing gang culture.

Simon said: “Youth clubs seem a thing of the past and, while there is plenty for young kids like mine to do in MK, there is a huge gap that older children and youths fall into. They are too old for softplay centres etc but can’t afford the Snowdome and similar things, so they are at a loose end in their leisure time.

“As a youngster I used to travel from here to an indoor park in Northampton, and it may sound silly but the owners and older skaters were like mentors to us youngsters, giving advice on the sport, life advice, and so on.

“This is something that can help youngsters as it’s not their parents telling them, it’s someone you look up to, someone different, and it keeps you on the straight and narrow.

“The main problem we have found is getting a suitable site in MK. Funding is available through various sources to get a project like this set up, but it’s the ongoing sustainability that is important, and that’s where we need support as well.”

Milton Keynes has always been a hotbed for skateboarding talent including Alex Decunha, who represents Great Britain at the highest level of the sport.

The plan for the new venue includes an indoor wheeled sports park, an educational/ community support area, learning suites for DJing/ video production etc and a training/gym facility.

If you might have a suitable plot of land available for the new indoor skate park, or if you can help out in any way, drop an email to Simon on

This feature was published in the December 2019 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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  1. Milton Keynes so needs a professionally built large skateboard park where you can skate in safety and also help delevope our future talented skate boarders. I have been to so many other skate parks in our counties and they are amazing with bowls half pipes vert ramps etc. MK is so behind with a few basic unchallenging parks. I have been skateboarding since the 1970s and still skate the parks regularly and would be totally stoked to have this facility here. Let’s do this for the best sport in the world!! Moo Town Skates 🥉


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