Local Charity Raises Over £88,000 to Help Support Families Battling Childhood Cancer

Milton Keynes based charity The Henry Allen Trust are delighted to announce that throughout 2018 they raised a massive £88,729 and on target to beat that this year.

The Henry Allen Trust was formed after Henry Allen, aged just 4 years, said that he wanted to help other children with cancer.

Dawn Allen, Director of The Henry Allen Trust said: “Henry made so many friends in hospital and you do become like a family. This meant that we could share experiences whilst in hospital and everyone had the same frustrations and concerns, this is where we chose to build the foundation of support that The Henry Allen Trust provides.”

Throughout 2018 The Henry Allen Trust used the funds raised to;
· Fund the first “Trained by Henry” nurse, a programme that funds extra specialist training for Children’s Oncology Nursing Team,
· Provide a monthly support group meeting and online hangout for families battling childhood cancer to share their experiences and give the children a chance to meet and play with other children without feeling out of place or different.
· Present papers to steering committees within health services to help improve the services offered within Child Oncology Services and provide a framework for medical professionals to understand the patient journey.
· Provide treats and wishes to give some respite and help families create special memories and realise dreams. These included ipad, laptop for schoolwork, family holidays, pushchair, treats whilst having treatments abroad, VIP trip to the zoo, merlin passes and driving lessons.
· Support families with grants to ensure that they had the money available to cover travel and accommodation expenses, rent or mortgage payments, purchase of passports for treatment abroad, white good appliances, fridge freezers, washing machines or emergency repair bills.

“It is natural to think that what we can’t do today can be done tomorrow, when you have a child with cancer you do not know how many tomorrows you actually have. Being able to create a special memory where it is you and your child rather than a patient is immeasurable.” Said Dawn Allen, Henry’s Mummy and Director of The Henry Allen Trust.

“Henry was too young to have his wish granted by a national charity and by the time he was old enough it was too late. We know first-hand how important those special moments are to parents and that is something we are truly dedicated to building.”

“The work we do and the feedback from the health professionals we work alongside as well as the families we support is truly exceptional” Said Nicola Case, Trustee for The Henry Allen Trust.

“But this all comes at a cost, for less than a cup of coffee a month the adult population of Milton Keynes could fund our treats and wishes programme for a year. We have just announced our Christmas Pledge Appeal to help fund our work, all we are adult population of Milton Keynes could fund our treats and wishes programme for a year. We have just announced our Christmas Pledge Appeal to help fund our work, all we are asking is for people to spend 30 seconds to donate £2, or what they can afford, between now and 24th December.”

To help spread some Henry’s Happiness you can Text THAT4 £2 to 70470.

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