Christmas gift guide for her

Local blogger Danie-Jade has some advice that might come in handy when you’re Christmas shopping for a special lady.

It’s coming up to the festive time of the year, where supermarkets are playing Christmas songs on repeat, shops have the decorations up and people are jetting off across Europe to experience traditional Christmas markets.

But ultimately, if you haven’t done so already, it’s time to start tackling your Christmas shopping. Shopping for girls can be stressful any time of year, let alone at Christmas.

Everyone has their own different likes, dislikes and finding mutual presents to suit everyone can be tricky. So I thought I’d share a few present ideas to guide you in the right direction, or to completely save you from a Christmas disaster!

Candles are such a safe option that most girls love. They make a room smell lovely, look good as ornaments, look cute on display and they’ve also been noted for their ability to relieve stress.

There are probably thousands of different candle scents but if you’re unsure of which scent to go for, you can’t go wrong with a classic vanilla, clean cotton or lavender!

Gift sets are an easy option that will cover most items a girl has in her handbag or home. Most gift sets come with a shower gel, body lotion, hand cream and sometimes even a body puff.

You haven’t got to think too much into buying these and they make great last minute presents if you’re not the most organised shopper! Superdrug and Boots do great skincare sets that usually range from £12.99-£49.99 depending on the brand. Or, if you want to splash a little extra money, you can’t go wrong with a Lush hamper!

If you’re looking for a more personal present then why not opt for a personalised gift? There are tonnes of retailers who offer personalised perfume bottles, wine glasses, jewellery, just pretty much anything!

It’s such a huge market at the moment and something personalised is a really thoughtful gift.

This feature was published in the November 2019 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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