Award winning MK-based Sweat studios yoga announces expansion

Award winning, independent yoga business Sweat Studios is pleased to announce it has expanded its popular yoga studio business and opened a new studio in Candleford Court, Buckingham.

Currently known for its studio in The Hub, Milton Keynes, the new location offers the same no-nonsense approach to exercise, combined with a friendly atmosphere, bright, contemporary space to practice yoga and instruction to suit everyone. Classes are open to all, whether you’re well-practiced at yoga, have never tried it before, have got a six pack or haven’t seen or touched your toes in years!

A range of great yoga and pilates workouts are available for adults, children and pregnant mums-to-be and all are easy to follow, without any jargon. Classes also ensure you that whether you’re looking to lose weight, improve your posture, aid a bad back, rehabilitate an injury, beat a personal best or simply tone up, you can achieve your goals.

While the Milton Keynes studio offers hot yoga, the Buckingham studio offers room-temperature classes – this enables Sweat to offer a range of different yoga and pilates classes for whom hot yoga isn’t suitable. With the two studios just a short drive from one another, members have the option to choose to go hot or not!

“Sweat Studios are yoga studios with a difference. We believe that yoga is the best workout you can do” explains owner, Kirsty Lowe. “It’s perfectly aligned to modern day living helping us counter the downsides of the high stress, sedentary, desk-based lifestyles that we lead today, however we recognise that a lot of people are deterred from practicing yoga due to the gongs, incense, chanting which are often associated with it.”

Kirsty adds, “- So, we remove these aspects to focus on just the breathing and the movements which together deliver amazing improvements to your health and wellbeing. Our goal is to make yoga accessible to all and we are delighted to be able to bring our unique approach to yoga to the people of Buckingham.”

Classes are easy to book online, and Sweat Studios is a contract-free zone. You can sign up for a group of classes or just drop in and pay for each class as you go – offering you maximum flexibility to tailor your workout times to suit you and your lifestyle. Sweat Studios also provide everything you need for a yoga class, including yoga mats, climate-controlled studios and cushioned flooring – all you have to do is turn up!

To find out more, or to book your own ‘Sweat’ workout visit, or call 01280 823220.

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