Brand Mission Column: No-damage decorating this Halloween with tesa

The team at Brand Mission share how they use the leading adhesive brand when decorating…

The arrival of October means only one thing… spooky pumpkins will soon be gracing our homes and offices.

Halloween is a great time for decorating, but many are apprehensive about sticking seasonal decorations to walls and ceilings. Is it worth the potential damage for just one day of fun?

Thanks to tesa, the worry of damaging walls is over! We love getting creative at Brand Mission HQ, and will always turn to leading selfadhesive brand, tesa, for our wall mounting needs.

Their extensive range of easy-to-use, adhesive products are perfect for hanging and applying objects without leaving damage, despite their super-strong adhesive technology – meaning you can stick decorations up to your heart’s content without leaving any residue or ruining the surface.

You can hang all kinds of terrifying trinkets to a range of surfaces using removable tesa Powerstrips® hooks. The self-adhesive hooks have an amazing hold capacity of up to 3kg and can be easily removed after use.

There’s a hook suitable for every room, including the almost invisible tesa Powerstrip® Transparent DECO Hooks, a tesa Powerstrips® Ceiling Hook and a whole range of other sizes to choose from.

But if your decorations don’t hang, fear not – the collection doesn’t end with hooks. tesa Powerstrips® have a powerful bonding strength for a secure hold, and are great for hanging flatter items such as photos, cards or picture frames.

For displaying spooky fairy lights in the window, the transparent tesa Powerstrips® Deco – which hold up to 200g – are perfect. Not only do they offer a reliable hold, but their residue-free qualities mean they have a traceless removal.

Get ready for a spooktacular time by turning your home or office into a haunted space with Halloween inspired decor hung using tesa’s selfadhesive solutions!

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This feature was published in the October 2019 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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