SoCal Fashion: Sheer elegance and confidence

WOS Wrestling commentator and MK fashionista SoCal Val goes for transparent fabrics before the coldest months roll in…

As your fashion confidante I’m ready to gossip with you about a trend that frightens most. The sheer trend!

Wearing transparent fabrics, on purpose, is enough to have some women reaching for a parka! But as with all trends I assure you there’s a way to make it your own, putting comfortability first.

The outfit I’ve chosen to display here has a long tulle skirt as its focal point. I wore a shorter hemline underneath. Cycle shorts to be exact!

We covered that in a previous column that I do highly recommend, if I may toot my own horn. The purpose of wearing a shorter hemline was to balance the voluminous shape of the skirt while still highlighting my figure underneath.

This is a daring look for anyone that’s starting out on the sheer trend, admittedly. But now that we’ve entered a new and exciting fashion season you’ll find touches of sheer fabulousness at your favorite high street or high end shops!

As we’re in October this is the perfect time to try a sheer style before it gets too bitterly cold. For beginners I suggest trying a touch of sheer fabric along the neckline of a dress or on sleeves to create a peekaboo effect.

The result is romantic and serene as opposed to what you might be picturing: garish and bare!

Oh no, my friends. The “powers that be” of the fashion world have taken sheer to new heights on recent runways.

Opting for subtlety instead of vulgarity. Even accessories are getting the sheer treatment with scarves, headbands and even shoes that have elegant sheer embellishments. Plus! Sheer socks are hugely on trend as well.

Best worn with a court shoe or booties. They have a permanent place in my closet for sure and are always an excellent conversation piece.

Try Calzedonia’s range (which I’m modelling here) for the most adorable styles around! Is it hosiery? Or socks? The fun is in the guesswork.

Cheers to having sheer confidence!

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This feature was published in the October 2019 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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