Where to go when furniture shopping on a budget in Milton Keynes

If you’re after great quality furniture, but have a budget to stick to, then finding the perfect pieces for your home could be difficult, writes Saffron Wilson.

Kiln Farm in Milton Keynes has a surprising amount of places where you can get the furniture that will last you a lifetime, without burning a hole in your pocket. Plus, we’ve got a few other handy tips that could save you a few pennies on your furniture!

Age UK Milton Keynes furniture store

The Age UK Milton Keynes store at Kiln Farm isn’t a ‘run of the mill’ charity shop. It is a good size warehouse full of furniture, which aren’t just your charity shop finds.

It’s full to the brim of good quality, good sized and impeccably looked after pieces – some of them being pretty much brand new!

Scott Whitbread, manager of the Kiln Farm store, said: “We don’t just have stuff that people want to throw away, we want to make as much money for the charity as possible, [which means] customers can get good quality furniture at a great price.”

“We appreciate any donations, but we find out about it first. We don’t want to be a dumping ground, so we try to ensure that the furniture has no stains and is in sellable conditions.

“Everything that’s here, someone will want it. The other day we had a sofa that was still for sale for £2000 in other stores, we sold it for £300 and it was like new. So, why would you buy brand new?”

But it’s not just about the furniture. The store sometimes has a few surprising items for the bargain hunters out there. From vases to brick-a-brack to a pre-WWI saxophone, the shop has it all. They’ve even had visits from experts starring in popular TV show Flog It, who have found rare ornaments in the shop too!

Age UK Milton Keynes is a charity which looks after older people who are “left behind”. Scott said: “We are a befriending service. We go out to them and do anything they need to be there and help them. Whether that’s shopping, going for a walk, helping them clean or walking their dog.

“Being elderly isn’t a disease – they get lost. We’re there to help them get their confidence back.”

Willen Hospice Furniture Store

Willen Hospice furniture is just a few doors down from Age UK on Kiln Farm, but again, this isn’t any ordinary charity shop.

Described as pre-loved furniture, the Willen Hospice furniture store is a hive of good quality second hand items perfect for any home. The items are unique and change almost every day. But there’s always something to find.

Ranging from nearly-new sofas to dining room sets, garden furniture and even jewellery, you never know what you’re going to find in there. But rest assured that everything you find will be in good enough condition to use, and you might even just grab yourself a bargain.

Willen Hospice’s furniture has an aim to raise money to help give free care to those affected by life limiting illness.

Other places you may find a bargain

Check out a few handy websites!
· Pre-loved
· Free cycle
· Facebook marketplace
· Online auction sites

If you sign up to sites like pre-loved, the local Facebook marketplace and even try your hand at an online auction site, then you could find privately sold furniture for a fraction of the price.

Admittedly, this might involve a little more scrolling and a bit more patience that walking into one of the warehouse charity shops above, but the community around Milton Keynes always has a lot to offer.

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