centre:mk to host world’s first Smart City Robotics Challenge

The centre:mk shopping centre in Milton Keynes is set to play host to the world’s first Smart City Robotics Challenge this weekend.

The SciRoc challenge will take place in the centre this week, with the grand final taking place in Middleton Hall on September 21st, and is the world’s first robot competition integrating real time smart city data.

As part of the challenge, robots will face a series of challenges including serving coffee, picking and packing items in a supermarket, providing emergency medications, opening a door and using an elevator.

The competition will see 14 teams from eight different countries compete in one or more of the tasks, according to their research interests. The robots will also be using the capabilities of the city itself to compete at doing everyday tasks.

Milton Keynes is a ‘Smart City’, where sensors gather data to improve services, lower costs, and improve efficiency.

The event is the first robotics competition integrating real time smart city data, using the data presented by Milton Keynes’s smart city technology. By taking place in a public space, it is designed to encourage public engagement and discussion

Challenges and other events began in the main competition arena in Middleton Hall at centre:mk on Wednesday 18th September, and will run through until Saturday 21st September. Events will happen from 10am to 5pm on all days.

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