Mental Matters Column: Defiance: The truth behind fulfilment of talent

One of the UK’s top motivational speakers, mentors and ex-MK Dons footballer Drewe Broughton talks about the strength of defiance…

The thought of sharing this as guidance to talented individuals might send a shudder through the systems and establishments that are in place.

After all, being disruptive is certainly not seen as a positive attribute when it’s parents evening at school, appraisal time at work or in an academy.

However, the idols that we celebrate, the innovators, the pioneers, the leaders and game changers all defy and it’s their defiance that makes them fulfill the visions they all have. From Leonardo de Vinci to Richard Branson. Elon Musk to Lionel Messi. The best do it their way.

I don’t have enough words in this column to fully articulate every aspect of this, but I have seen enough in my current role working privately for some seriously talented individuals.

All of these guys contacted me in pain. The pain? The inability to fulfill that consistency and achieve what THEY know resides within.

I have THEY in capitals as the vision is that strong, that personal, that deep that only they can truly see it. As they have risen, the volume gets turned up. More advice, more experts, more solutions, more plans, MORE MORE MORE.

In May, once the curtains had drawn on the domestic football season, Manchester City and England forward Raheem Sterling, after a quite magnificent 12 months for both club and country was asked: “What advice would you give a 15-year-old you?”

His reply was outstanding, and I forwarded the interview to many of the guys in privileged positions to try and guide.

Number 1 – “don’t listen to anybody.” Number 2 – “don’t listen to anybody.” Number 3 – “don’t listen to anybody.”

He goes on to elaborate how his instincts and selftrust were stolen slowly by all the advice, yet the truth was that he had ALL the answers.

NBA superstar Kobe Bryant was quoted as saying: “I had to get real, really quick. I told friends and family STOP. Don’t talk to me about my game. I cut out all the noise and held board meetings in my heart, with the chair of the meeting – my instincts.”

So, defiance. Understanding that so many are merely ‘projecting’ their stuff and not truly guiding. We must defy all those looking to shackle our truths.

For further information, visit or drop an email to Drewe at

This feature was published in the September 2019 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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