‘The Poetry Project: Poetry in Public’ comes to centre:mk

Putting creativity into the heart of Milton Keynes, centre:mk is working with poet James McInerney and his unique brand of ‘Poetry in Public’ to the centre over the coming months.

The Northampton-based poet’s work has seen him rise to fame with public displays on the London Underground, which has been seen at tube stations throughout London since 2018. He brings his love of uplifting and thought provoking poetry to the masses in unexpected environments.

James comments, “The aim of the project is to get poetry into places you wouldn’t normally see it and open people`s eyes to the joy of poetry. The response from the public so far has been amazing and by working with centre:mk we are creating an opportunity to experience poetry in another unique environment.”

A recent survey by the National Literacy Trust found that over the last five years, poetry’s popularity – as measured in book sales, event attendance and National Poetry Day participation – has grown with 1 in 2 children and young adults now engaging in poetry with children from disadvantaged background in particular being most engaged.

Further to this, the survey found that almost 70% of the under 18’s interviewed said that poetry made them feel creative.

Kevin Duffy, Centre Director said of the project, “We are always exploring new opportunities to create unexpected moments in centre:mk that surprise and delight our guests. We expect that James’ poetry; which will be featured on all of our digital screens throughout the centre, will leave a lasting impression on our guests, and hopefully generate a whole new audience for this much loved medium.”

The poetry, which can be seen from late August onwards throughout the shopping centre is estimated to be seen by an estimated equivalent of 25 million people over a 12 month period.

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