MK Gallery to host Portuguese music sessions to accompany Paula Rego exhibition

MK Gallery has teamed up with The Portuguese Conspiracy to host a season of live music to complement their current acclaimed exhibition of artist Paula Rego.

To support the Portuguese artist’s Obedience and Defiance collection, these exclusive gigs are to explore the depth and range of contemporary Portuguese music.

Music that will be informed will range from trip hop electronica to more traditionally derived acoustic sounds and take place in MK Gallery’s Sky Room.

The first artist will be Negro Branca & Filho da Mãe, who will perform today (August 10th).

Negro Branca is Marlene Ribeiro who, as a member of the psychedelic group Gnod, brings melodic and tonal dreamscapes to the band.

Her solo work concentrates on sombre pop harmonies and deep bass lines reminiscent of early Tricky and has drawn comparisons with Grouper and Inga Copeland.

Filho da Mãe, (Son of a Gun) aka, Rui Carvalho, lives up to his name as a virtuous guitarist. His mesmerising acoustic guitar, takes listeners on a gorgeous unplugged journey creating glorious soundscapes that rework traditional Portuguese folk traditions.

The second performance will be Rafael Toral & Bezbog, who will be performing on Saturday August 24th.

As a composer and performer, Rafael Toral’s fascination with the potential for sound and the function of music has led to him crossing the boundaries between rock, ambient, contemporary, electronic and free jazz.

For this exclusive gig in Milton Keynes Toral’ will revisit his recently reissued seminal ambient LP ‘Wave Field’. Originally recorded in 1994 it remains as innovative a quarter of a century later.

Lovers of favela rhythms are in for a treat with Bezbog (Favela Discos) live set which fuses with amplified and electronically transformed saxophone, trumpet and percussion into a rhythmic flux of sound and music.

Norberto Lobo & Tropa Macaca will perform on September 7th in the final performance.

Prodigious acoustic and electric guitarist Norberto Lobo is truly a treat for the ears. Under his instruction, the guitar tells many colourful stories, and his sense of structure and narrative is incredible. Listeners will be enveloped by his creativity with the strings.

Tropa Macaca, André Abel (guitarist) and Joana da Conceicão (synths/electronics) have been a musical force for nearly 15 years releasing their poetic music through a range of creative labels with a keen ear for electronica including Siltbreeze, Software and The Trilogy Tapes.

Doors open for each event at 8pm. Tickets for each event are £8 (adv), £10 (on the door).

For further details of events at Milton Keynes Gallery, and to book tickets visit or call 01908 676900.

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