Swimming at Willen Lake is not just for ducks!

You can now go open water swimming in Willen Lake during safe, fun and responsible sessions run by Milton Keynes Open Water Swimming.

The team started open water swimming at the lake in July 2019 and will be running sessions throughout the summer and hope to continue to offer some ‘cold water swimming’ sessions through the winter months too.

This summer Milton Keynes Open Water Swimming will be running swimming sessions, in the beautiful outdoor lake setting, on Thursdays 6-8pm, Saturdays 6.30-9.30am and Sundays 6.30-9.30am.

The water quality is excellent, and the temperature is warm (at around 22 degrees) so with the weather being so glorious at the moment it’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy an open water swimming experience. You will be able to swim 400m or 750m loops of the lake during their sessions which will cost £6 per swim. So why not give it a try with a friend this week and see what you think.

What do you need? You can wear swimmers or opt for a wetsuit – it’s down to the swimmer’s preference. Then you just need your googles, a bright coloured swim hat and a towel.

Swimmers will also need to register for a NOWCA safety wristband (for £12 a year) which runs in conjunction with the NOWCA water safety system which assures swimmers that they can feel safe in the water.

Where is it at Willen Lake? You can use the changing room, lockers, showers and toilets at Willen Lake’s Water Sports Centre before and after your swim. The swim starts from the pontoon outside the Water Sports Centre.

Need some more persuasion to give outdoor swimming a go? Cat, Duty Manager for Milton Keynes Open Water Swimming, has just made the transition from pool to open water swimming herself and can’t believe she hasn’t done it sooner.

She said, “I love the freedom of swimming outdoors and the closeness to nature this gives you. As Duty Manager I’ve loved seeing swimmers enjoying this exhilarating experience. I know some swimmers may worry about safety, but they don’t need to with the NOWCA safety system we use because it makes swimmers feel safe in the water.”

For more information about Milton Keynes Open Water Swimming please check out their website: miltonkeynesows.co.uk.

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