Yoga in the Parks takes place in shadow of cathedral trees

Yoga came alive under a canopy of stunning trees at Yoga in the Parks latest event.

Only a handful of people had ever experience the beauty of the tree cathedral before so it felt even more special to be able to introduce so many to one of MK’s almost secret wonders.

Kelly and Christine guided a wonderful group of families through an adventure to remember allowing time and space to be together and share the experience. The smiles, laughs and cuddles were such a joy & we’re already choosing poses and a story for our August event.

Waving goodbye to so many parents, grandparents and kids gave way to welcoming everyone for the grown up session. This is where some magic truly happened as yogis of all levels of experience came together in the shade of the trees to move, breathe well, laugh and practice mindfulness.

Resting against the trees after a mindful walk whilst being guided through a grounding relaxation, was the highlight of everyone’s Sunday.

The next Yoga in the Park is on Sunday 18th August, returning to Campbell Parks Amphitheatre and promises to be another of Milton Keynes’ community events not to be missed.

No previous yoga experience is needed, as beginning is the first step!

Yoga sessions will take place from 1:30 to 3, with a family Yoga follow-up session to happen between 3.30 & 4.30.

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