‘Dermaspa’s skin pen has given my face a smoother, glowier look’

Celebrate:MK columnist SoCalVal reviews the new SkinPen Precision treatment at the highly-acclaimed Dermaspa beauty and aesthetics clinic.

Selfie was taken 5 days after treatment, in natural light. No filter or editing was applied to this photo

I know what you’re thinking: why is SoCalVal double dipping in this month’s issue?

I know you’re used to seeing me in the style section, curating your wardrobe and encouraging you to take style risks!

Well… surprise! This month I simply MUST tell you about something I’ve been paying closer attention to that compliments all my outfits: my skin.

No matter how stunning your wardrobe may be it’s imperative that you have a strong, healthy base. In fact, I strongly believe that improving your skin should be at the forefront of all of our summer to do lists!

For me personally, my goal was to start with a preventative treatment in the form of Dermaspa’s skin pen. I’d heard rave reviews, so I’m thrilled to share my own positive experience with you to confirm these reports.

Let me stress that in this day and age, where beauty and youth are revered as the holy grail, my aim was to improve the skin I already had, not change it entirely.

With skincare, just as in fashion, you should always strive to look like the best version of yourself. A collagen boosting skin pen treatment was just what the doctor (aka a self diagnosis) ordered.

Now first of all, no matter what treatment I’m doing at a clinic or spa I want the entire experience to be stress free, easy to understand and enjoyable. Katie at Dermaspa thoroughly educated me on the skin pen procedure and really put me at ease!

We discussed my skin concerns (faint wrinkles, uneven texture, occasional redness) and determined the skin pen was the perfect non invasive treatment that suited me. The purpose of the skin pen is to gently resurface the skin, revealing that universally desired “celebrity” glow underneath.

The treatment surprised me in quickness (I was in and out of the spa in less than an hour!) comfortability (minimum discomfort, no pain) and results.

What I felt after the treatment was a sensation similar to a very mild sunburn, followed by baby soft skin the very next day. Literally. I could not believe how rapidly my skin improved!

What’s more is that I am told that I will continue to see even better results in the weeks to come.

As of right now, a few days post treatment, my makeup is gliding on smoother as my skin’s texture is noticeably more supple and soft. I find myself needing less makeup altogether in fact!

A bit of moisturiser mixed with a light foundation is all I need. As my “new skin” continues to develop I’m taking even greater precautions to use more mild cleansers and stronger sunscreen.

Being more mindful of my skin’s health is an added bonus of the treatment, which is thanks to the professional team Dermaspa has at the ready.

I think educating myself about my own skin’s needs was one of my favourite parts of the treatment itself. And how wonderful that I now have a smoother, glowier base to work from. And that’s BEFORE makeup. Incredible, right?

So why not see for yourself? In addition to the skin pen (which obviously I highly recommend) Dermaspa offers a variety of treatments to get your face and body prepared for summer.

Let’s call it inner beauty… with a bit of professional help. Believe me, with beautiful healthy skin your confidence will be boosted. Plus it’s an excuse to be pampered!

Because after all, self care is ALWAYS in style.


Address: Dermaspa, Unit K Haybrook Barn Brooklands Park Milton Keynes MK16 0HU
Tel: 01908 242 023
Email: info@dermaspa.co.uk
Website: http://www.dermaspa.co.uk

This feature was published in the July 2019 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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