SoCal Fashion Column: A flattering jewel tone for a wedding

ITV presenter and Milton Keynes fashion queen SoCalVal talks about how to make the right kind of statement as a wedding guest…

There is an old saying: “Always a bridesmaid never a bride.”

Well fashionistas let me tell you, I’ve been both and, personally, being a wedding guest is a lot more fun!

As we are currently enjoying the UK’s official wedding season (May through August, with July being the most popular month to tie the knot) a lot of us are panicking with regards to finding the perfect outfit for such an occasion.

So what should we be wearing to weddings? What are the “rules”?

Now first of all this may shock you, as I’m always championing skirts and dresses, but a polished pantsuit or tuxedo is a very cool alternative to a dress!

I always appreciate seeing a female wedding guest in an elegant trouser ensemble, particularly if it has a matching jacket to keep the look streamlined.

However! Girly girls such as myself always feel more comfortable in a dress. But how do we keep it from becoming the hum-drum, expected wedding guest “look”?

My advice is to go for a flattering jewel tone. Be it ruby (as I’ve chosen here) emerald or sapphire, a jewel tone makes the right statement without being too loud.

Don’t even THINK about trying neon at another person’s “big day”. It’s inappropriate and garish.

But! While that is a rule I swear by I’d like to challenge another rule. Growing up I was always taught it was inappropriate and borderline disrespectful to wear white to a wedding.

Some of this still holds true. A white dress? Never. But at recent weddings I’ve attended I’ve seen many a like-minded sister wearing a white or cream blazer over a colourful dress.

This is certainly a wedding “do”! As pictured here I complimented a jewel toned dress (from local vintage brand: with refreshing white accessories.

The white court shoe is still experiencing a fashion “moment” this season, as is the pearl barrette which I also featured here.

Wearing two barrettes at one side of a daintily curled hairdo is a sweet way of showing them off. Adding pops of white to an otherwise colorful base is acceptable and encouraged.

When you’ve chosen your outfit for your next wedding guest appearance, remember: keep it classy, demure and elegant. Cheers to love!

This feature was published in the July 2019 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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