Wolverton Gilbert and Sullivan Society to present The Sorcerer at Stantonbury Theatre

Following their great success with ‘The Gondoliers’ and ‘Iolanthe’, Wolverton Gilbert and Sullivan Society presents a production of ‘THE SORCERER’.

The society will be putting on the production between July 17th and 20th. Audiences are encouraged to get into the spirit of the 1940’s-set show by dressing up in 1940’s-style clothing.

Set in the 1940’s, this traditional plot turns the entire English social order upside down!

The villagers of Ploverleigh are celebrating the betrothal of Alexis to a maiden of suitably high rank, the lovely Aline. An arrangement which delights the high-minded parents of both lovers.

Alexis wants the world to be as happy as he is and so hires a sorcerer (John Wellington Wells) to create a love potion to be given to all the villagers through a large teapot during the betrothal banquet.

But all who drink it fall asleep and, when they awake, fall madly in love with the first unmarried person they meet.

This is where the fun begins as, under the influence of the potion, they fall in love with people out of their own social class. Chaos ensues.

Can order can be restored? You will have to come and see for yourself!

Tickets are priced at £17 for adults with concessions at £15, and they are available from Stantonbury Theatre by calling 01908 324466 or at stantonburytheatre.co.uk

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