Oak Tree Centre in Shenley prepares for Phase 2

The Oak Tree Centre in the Shenley area of Milton Keynes is preparing for a future expansion of its facilities.

Since its doors opened in September 2016, the Oak Tree Centre has become a popular and well-used community facility on the west side of Milton Keynes with over 1200 people using it every week. Owned by Shenley Christian Fellowship, the building was designed with community use in mind and the outcome has not disappointed.

With a variety of community groups using the facilities, including Slimming World, school tuition groups, arts groups, local government meetings, Parish Council youth club and private parties it handles a wide range of different needs.

Jim Hammett, a member of Shenley Christian Fellowship said, “We are delighted to have seen so many people using the building and making contact with the church through it. It is doing precisely what we designed it to do and we are expectant to see Phase 2 deliver so much more.”

The church also runs different events at the Oak Tree Centre throughout the year, attracting many from the local community and beyond to its functions. For the past two years it has also participated in the Winter Night Shelter MK project, opening its doors to the homeless, offering a warm bed, hot food and washing facilities.

But the Oak Tree Centre is not fully built. Phase 2 is due to begin construction in the Spring of 2021. Rev Ross Dilnot, Senior Church Leader said, “We have already out-grown Phase 1 and are in real need of Phase 2, which will add an additional multi-purpose sports hall, a youth centre and more toilets, offices, storage and shower facilities, which will be a great asset to the Winter Night Shelter.”

Phase 2 will cost £1.65 million and they are looking for corporate sponsors who may wish to benefit from use of the facility. More information about the project can be found on their website at scf-mk.org.uk/the-oak-tree-centre/building-news-phase-2/

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