A guide to upgrading your garage

Garages are often taken for granted, with most homeowners forgetting about them, and before they know it they become messy storage spaces. However, your garage could be so much more than where you park your car or store the things you don’t need. Not only will it add an extra room to your property that can be used for multiple purposes, it will also add value to your home if ever decide to sell it. Below are a few popular ways to convert your garage into something truly useful.  

A home office

If you’re working from home then your garage is a good place to have a home office. Homebuilding & Renovating note that garages make good offices because they are located away from the main living areas. It’s a good self-contained space that will allow you to focus on all your work-related tasks. It is also a better place to conduct conference calls with clients than your living room. A home office will also free up some living space in your home, which can be put to good use.

A cosy cottage

A garage can even be a garden retreat. You can create a cosy hideaway for yourself or even be a bit more ambitious and create an entirely separate living space. Interior designer Beth Dana converted her garage into a cottage, which could be used by guests when they stay over. If you use the space well you can create a small getaway complete with a kitchen, sitting room, and bedroom. And when you don’t have guests it is the perfect out of home location for you to relax in. 

A playroom

If you have children, then your garage can be converted into the ultimate playroom. A garage playroom will give the children a lot more space compared to playing in your home, and you won’t need to keep picking toys off the floor. If you do decide to convert your garage you will have to make it child proof. DIY Daddy Blog claims that securing your garage door is one of the most important things you need to do when creating a garage playroom. Garage doors aren’t always sturdy, which means you need to make sure it is safe. The wide variety of garage doors featured on Screwfix show how modern designs come with anti-drop devices. These can keep your children safe, as it stops the garage door from crashing down in the unlikely event of a spring or cable failing. You should also invest in hand guards and pinch protection devices to make sure their fingers don’t get caught in any hinges.

Eating and drinking area

Your garage can be a great space to entertain guests and can easily be converted into an eating and drinking area. Set up a table and it can double as a summer dining room. As garages are usually cooler than the rest of the house it is a good place to store wine. You can even put your home’s pantry in the garage creating more room in the kitchen. The design can be as simple or as ambitious as your budget allows. One man in Oldham went as far to turn his garage into a pub, complete with a frosted door, sign, and beer on tap. 

Home gym

Home gyms are very popular nowadays as they are cheaper than paying for a gym membership. It doesn’t take much to make a good home gym. All you need is a cardio machine as well as some free weights. You can also tailor the room to your fitness needs. If you practice yoga then you can create a Zen workout space. The biggest benefit of having a gym on site is that you will have no excuse not to follow your fitness goals. 

If you don’t have any idea about the design you’d like to go for, going to big house expos like the Ideal Home Show or Grand Designs Live is a good place to find some inspiration. The most important thing is not letting your garage space go to waste.

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