Raindrops & Ribbons boutique to host dress swap event

The Raindrops & Ribbons boutique clothes shop in Stony Stratford is to host a dress swap event tomorrow. (19/05)

The event will take place at 6pm in the store. Event tickets are available on Facebook through the event page “Swap a Dress for a Dress”.

Attenders to the event have an opportunity to search their wardrobes and bring to the store all the dresses they no longer wear, pop them on the rails and take home the same amount to re-fill their wardrobes.

The store’s founder Michelle Bella said the events for dress swaps have been set up to help combat the waste in the fashion industry, and to help people get something back for unwanted clothes.

She said, “I’ve noticed there are far too many high street stores opening and fast fashion buying is becoming compulsive and also necessary as there are no ethical or sustainable ways for women of the area to get new styles without buying.

“That’s why I set up my dress swaps. The fashion industry is the second largest pollutant in the world and not enough is being done to cut down on textile waste in our landfills and to cut down on impulsive buys, many of which items will never be worn or at that, worn once.

“Being able to swap with other like-minded individuals and have rails of choice will be a huge step in facing and making an impact on those problems. Plus, ladies get something back for all the dresses they once paid for and save A LOT of money in the process.”

Anyone interested in attending can find the event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/378962806034401/

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