Aqua Parcs Review – “Guaranteed to have a great laugh”

If you’re looking for a fun family day out or a great laugh with friends, then look no further. Danie Gooch went to test the waters at Willen Lake’s new inflatable water adventure course that’s set to keep you on your toes this summer.

For the second year running, Willen Lake has opened an inflatable assault course built to test your fitness, speed and agility.

The Aqua Parcs course is over 120 metres long and is built up of slides, challenges and bouncing balls that make you feel as though you’re competing on Total Wipeout.

The inflatable obstacles are at the heart of Willen Lake and are a short walk across a raised platform as well as a short distance swim.

Unfortunately there is no escaping the cold water so if you thought you could beat the course without getting wet you are highly mistaken!

Before you’re let loose on the course, you have to wiggle yourself into one (or two) wetsuits, have a life jacket fitted and also have a short briefing on the health and safety information.

After that, you’re ready to roll. There is no right or wrong way to tackle the course – with 3 different start points that lead to the same fate; you’re guaranteed to have a great laugh.

I decided to tackle, what I thought were the easier obstacles such as the wobbly stepping stones, bouncing balls and slides; I ended up in the water roughly 6 times in 5 minutes.

There are also swings, monkey bars and giant slides that launch you into the water – which makes them the ideal combination for a great day out.

Aqua Parc is suitable for children, adults, individuals and group bookings! The course is open now until 30th September, 7 days a week. To find out more information and to book your day out, visit

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