MKFM Column: MKFM need your help to furnish the new YMCA in Milton Keynes

‘Our community challenge is to help furnish 199 rooms from our wedding style shopping list.’

The new £19million YMCA MK campus will house 199 local young people when it opens its doors in September.

The original YMCA opened in 1981 and is no longer fit for purpose. The organisation not only offers a roof over someone’s head but helps its young residents transition to independent living and equip them with the right skills, tools and employment opportunities they need to achieve their full potential.

Funding for the building is secure, however, the charity needs to raise £500K to kit out all 199 rooms. A gift list has been set-up so local businesses and members of the public can buy an item to support a young person who’s just starting out in their new home.

Items range from pillows right through to wardrobes and beds with prices varying from £4 up to £260. Businesses in Milton Keynes can also sponsor a room for £2,500 as a one off payment.

This will furnish one room and will support a number of residents during the lifetime of the items purchased with the funds.

Simon Green, CEO of YMCA MK, said: “Our gift list is a practical way to make a huge impact on the life of a young person living at the YMCA MK.

“We’re asking the MK community for their full support to enable us to make lasting change.”

The campaign launched and headed up by MKFM has already seen some fantastic donations from residents and local businesses.

Darren Dorrington, Managing Director of MKFM, said: “We often hear local people say that they want to help the homeless but are unsure what to do for the best.

“By supporting this appeal, at least if someone buys a pair of pillows for a tenner, they will know that someone is sleeping on them night after night.’’

It’s simple to purchase something to help furnish the 199 rooms, a shopping basket has been set up via our website at Simply pick your item and checkout like any other online purchase.

The item will then be delivered for when the new YMCA MK complex opens in September. Anyone who would like to sponsor a whole room for £2,500 can obtain more details by emailing

This feature was published in the May 2019 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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