Real-life mermaid Sarah dances with deadly predators of the sea

MK diving instructor swims with sharks in her role as aquatic entertainer.

You’ve heard of Dancing with the Stars, but a local diving instructor is taking things to a whole new level as she spends her days diving with apex predators, writes Katy Lelliott.

Sarah Daily is a Milton Keynes-based scuba instructor, free diving instructor and aquatic entertainer who has become the only fully-portable free diving dance act in Europe.

As a young adult, Sarah’s love of all things swimming led her to begin coaching synchronised swimming clubs, where she would put together choreographed pieces for her students at the end of the school term.

This is where her interest in aquatic dancing developed as she paid a close interest to the shapes that were being created in the water, rather than the synchronicity of the swimmers.

Last summer, after a casting interview with performance company Mermaid Cove – where Sarah also works as a Mermaid Entertainer – the idea for a collaboration was born between Mermaid Cove and Sarah’s company Danseaqua.

Through this collaboration, Sarah began travelling around the country in their 10,000-litre portable tank, performing underwater dance routines and providing entertainment for a variety of events including weddings, music videos and festivals.

Throughout her career working as a diver and dancer with apex predators, Sarah has faced endless questions about safety and now wants to dispel the myths about the nature of these animals, which she says are misunderstood.

“In the past half a century, thanks to move blockbusters and ill-researched newspaper articles, sharks and other apex animals have been given a very undeserved reputation,” explained the 29-year-old.

Although she’s just returned from free diving with alligators in Florida’s Everglades and Caribbean reef sharks in the Bahamas, Sarah is already looking to her next adventure and is currently in the process of trying to secure funding to dive with the Great Hammerhead sharks of Bimini.

Since her return to dry land, Sarah has begun producing a series of videos showing a selection of clips of her performing dance routines underwater, alongside animals such as sharks and alligators.

When she is not dancing with apex animals, Sarah can be found running and teaching courses at her diving school, Sirens School of Scuba and Freediving, where she offers everything from recreational diving services to events and social nights.

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This feature was published in the May 2019 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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