‘A London lifestyle on your doorstep’

Alpha Club is now open for business in Central Milton Keynes at its temporary home of the Holiday Inn, while repairs continue to the private members club’s permanent CBX II home following storm damage.

Plans continue for the Alpha Club to offer a London-lifestyle right on your doorstep – in the heart of Milton Keynes.

The Alpha Club, whose ethos is: ‘Serious business can be fun’, has not even let storm damage get in the way of its aims of providing a bespoke service to like-minded members.

While its brand new premises at the CBX II building undergoes repairs, the Alpha Club founders have announced a temporary six-month home at the Holiday Inn in the business hub of Central Milton Keynes.

“Our entire strategy is all about making dreams a reality, so we were unlikely to let a little storm damage get in the way of our plans,” joked Angus Dudgeon, Director of Alpha Club.

“We are delighted to say our temporary new Alpha Club venue is now open at the Holiday Inn, which means our members can benefit from all of the hotel facilities in addition to the unique Alpha offering.”

The idea of the Alpha Club is to provide a backdrop for business people to access an unparalleled array of exclusive events and opportunities.

Milton Keynes members will have their own diary of events in the city as well as access to prestigious clubs in London and around the world. More local events will include elite business opportunities and regular ‘Drop-In Drinks’, often featuring top entertainment provided by Alpha’s West End stars.

All full members will also have access to all of the top sporting, entertainment and red-carpet events held globally as well as a concierge service aimed at individual needs.

“The idea is that this becomes a totally bespoke service to our members,” added Angus.

“Whether you are looking for business enhancement and growth, lifestyle experiences or just to enjoy first-class entertainment with like-minded people, The Alpha Club offers it all.

“We are growing all the time – hence the launch of the Milton Keynes Club – and that is solely due to our ability to obtain longstanding trust and commitment from our members.”

If you are interested in finding out more about Alpha Club MK, call 0800 0420299, visit http://www.alpha-club.co.uk or email info@alpha-club.co.uk

This feature was published in the May 2019 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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