ID Medical brings MK Hospital’s hard-working staff Easter presents

Milton Keynes’ largest multi-discipline healthcare recruiter, ID Medical, brought Easter gifts to the nurses at Milton Keynes University Hospital to thank them for their hard work and dedication to patient care.

With ongoing reports in the media of critical medical staff shortages throughout our NHS service, and a recent report which stated that one in four NHS wards operate at unsafe staff levels*, ID Medical ensures it supports our NHS by placing doctors, nurses and allied health professionals into trusts nationwide.

This leading healthcare recruiter’s managing director, David Newton, said, “With the microscopic focus in the media on NHS staffing levels, we ensure we always have a supply of highly trained medical professionals to complete ward staffing.

“The NHS medical teams deliver incredible care to their patients, so we took it upon ourselves to fundraise for Easter by donating chocolate eggs to those workers, because sometimes the best carers need cared for. We hope the valued NHS medical teams have a very happy Easter.”

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