King Creature play from Marshall Arena roof as part of Father of Loud Day celebrations

Rock band King Creature performed from the roof of the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes as part of the celebrations for Father of Loud Day.

The band performed a 35 minute set at the Milton Keynes venue in celebration of Jim Marshall. The Father of Loud day was set up to commemorate the man who helped to found the guitar amp company, who passed away in April 2012.

Milton Keynes-based guitar amp company Marshall has previously paid tribute to its founder with shows across the city, including previous affairs at the MK Rose in Campbell Park. This time, the show saw a band perform from the roof of the newly-renamed Marshall Arena, next to the MK Dons football stadium.

A crowd of around 100 people, including MK Dons chairman Pete Winkelman, gathered at the base of the venue last Friday (05/04), while the Cornwall-based band performed a set of hard rock songs from across their career on a vantage point overlooking the entrance to the stadium.

There was a positive reception to the band’s performance, with even a few singalong moments from the crowd that gathered at the venue during the concert. When they initially finished, there were also requests for an encore after the band had initially finished that were granted, allowing the band to show off its skills one final time.

King Creature will also be playing at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes in June, with the band on the bill for the Marshall Live event at the arena that will take place at the start of June, alongside acts like The Hunna and Barns Courtney.

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