Body Core Pilates & Yoga Studio offers a boutique personal touch

Clare Riley opens a new studio in Woburn Sands with small class sizes to ensure that her clients receive plenty of expert attention…

A new boutique pilates and yoga studio has opened just off the high street in Woburn Sands, promising maximium class sizes of 10 to give you the individual expert attention you deserve.

Body Core Pilates & Yoga studio, based on Russell Street, has been launched by qualified instructor Clare Riley to provide more personal tuition than your average class, concentrating on your technique and form whether you are a beginner or a pro.

Her vision was to create a space where clients feel welcome, inspired and motivated to move, within a community that empowers each person to reach their full potential. With a timetable offering classes 7 days a week, there really is a class for everyone with various membership options available.

Body Core offers 6-week courses in pilates and yoga, with the next round of courses set to start on April 29th. The courses are a great way for beginners to get familiar and learn the fundamentals of pilates and yoga.

Clare said: “I want to build an inclusive community that’s all about learning, laughing and simple moving.

“Our classes are small with a maximum of 10 people, so we can give you the attention and guidance necessary to grow and improve your skills.

“We want to educate, connect and inspire, while creating a community in a space with like-minded people.

“Our dedicated instructors are constantly delivering innovative and enjoyable classes to improve the overall health and wellness of every client.

“We want measure our success by our ability to assist our clients in becoming the most confident, positive and empowered version of themselves.”

Classes include Pilates, Circuit Style Pilates, Yoga Flow classes at all levels and Meditation. There is also Restorative Yoga, which is a powerful way to reduce muscle tension and general fatigue, helping the body and mind restore vital energy.

This class is open to all levels from complete beginners to more experienced practitioners and is great for anyone in recovery or wanting a slower paced class.

The studio also offers Children’s Yoga and Teen Yoga, which is something owner Clare is passionate about.

“I’m so passionate about getting children and teens involved in yoga and pilates at an early age,” she explained. “A lot of the time we discover pilates and yoga later in life or when a doctor or physio suggests trying it for rehabilitation, an injury or when recovering or dealing with an illness.”

After a hobby turned into a passion, then a job and now a business, Clare has a clear vision in mind for the future of Body Core. Pilates and yoga have been trending for some time now, and it’s a trend that isn’t going anywhere – it’s just growing as more and more people feel and see the benefits.

Benefits include improved posture, flexibility, bones, circulation, muscle strength and an evenly conditioned body, plus increased core strength, mind and body connection, injury prevention and more.

Call 07892 716589, email or visit

This feature was published in the April 2019 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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