MK’s favourite retro laundromat launches singing-activated washing machine

Bubbles Laundromat – the most fun and fabulous laundrette for miles around – has launched a voice-activated washing machine to make you feel brighter on dull and dreary wash days!

The laundromat’s largest capacity washing machine – known as ‘Elvis The King’ – has had a swinging 50s makeover in time for summer. The Daddy-O of washing machines is now activated when the user gives the command ‘Elvis, get all shook up!’ which’ll get him spinning his best moves.

Elvis is one of the laundromat’s best-used washing machines, tackling loads of up to 40lb at a time and getting your tighty-whities back to their shiny best in less than 40 minutes. He is, so far, the only machine in the laundromat to be voice-activated; his colleagues Buddy, Chuck, Dion, Lonnie and Jerry-Lee are all state-of-the art yet use traditional manually operated controls.

Donnalee Andrews, Owner of Bubbles Laundromat, said: “We are so excited about Elvis’ makeover and our customers are loving him tender to get him in a spin! Come along and have a go – we think this is technology at its finest!”

Bubbles Laundromat offers economical machines and a wide range of laundry and ironing services. From self-service washing and drying, and the all-singing, all-dancing collection and drop-off service, to specialist washes for duvets, sports kits and pet bedding, there’s a service for everyone.

For further information about Bubbles Laundromat and its services, visit or call 0333 123 W-A-S-H (0333 123 9274).

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