Young carer to run London Marathon for Milton Keynes-based charity PSPA

Claire Wells, 32, from Wolverton is determined to run the Virgin London Marathon in aid of the PSPA; a charity supporting those affected by rare neuro-degenerative conditions PSP and CBD.

Claire’s 67-year-old mother Anna Wells was diagnosed with Corticobasal degeneration (CBD) last January. A major symptom of the condition is difficulty controlling the use of your limbs, usually on the left side. This made Anna prone to numerous falls, one of which left her with a fractured lumbar spine and wheelchair bound.

When Anna’s long-term partner decided he wanted his ‘life back’ and couldn’t deal with a disabled person, Claire decided to give up her job to care for her mum full-time. She hopes to raise funds that will go towards resources used to educate health professionals about these rare conditions.

Claire said, “It took Mum 10 years to get a formal diagnosis. She was often told by seemingly well-renowned neurologists that her symptoms were in her head and that she didn’t want to accept that she was getting old.

“Mum, being Austrian, always loved hiking and swimming so she had no reason to be making it all up. Most people associated with the charity can relate to this. It’s also common to be misdiagnosed with conditions such as Parkinsons.

“I’m running The London Marathon as I’m determined to raise awareness of PSP and CBD. With two months to go until the big day I’ve already smashed my target of £1,600 but as the PSPA is such a small charity and isn’t government funded I don’t want to stop there – I’d be beyond chuffed if I could raise £2,000.”

To support Claire’s challenge, please visit

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