Take me out: Did they find love?

Last month we showcased three local singletons looking for a date on Valentine’s Day, and invited you to take them out. But have they found love?

Simon, 38, yes!

I was chuffed to receive a few emails from Celebrate:MK readers who were interested in going out with me and, after much deliberation, I chose to go out with a girl called Claudine.

She seemed my type on paper as she had similar interests to me and we decided to go out of town for our first date – Chinatown, London, to be exact.

The date went amazingly well and we found out that we have a mutual love of cycling and cakes, which was a huge bonus!

We then went on a second date walking in the Chilterns and had a chocolate cake bake-off too, which I won, of course!

I’m definitely going to go on more dates with Claudine and see where it goes. So for now, ladies, I’m off the market!

Adam Lacey, 37, nope

Having placed my Valentine’s advert in Celebrate:MK, I sat back and waited for the emails to come flooding in.

Alas, to my surprise not one person showed an interest in my profile. Maybe mentioning a skydive as a first date had put them off?

Unperturbed by this, I decided to take myself out for the evening to cheer myself up.

On one of my many rambles along the redways I eventually spotted a quaint bus stop that contained its own mini bar.

A merry evening was spent here and I woke up refreshed some hours later having missed the bus home.

Busy Elena, 37, maybe

After my little ‘ad’ in Celebrate:MK, I did receive several emails with guys wanting to go out with me.

I picked someone for a date but what I didn’t think about beforehand was the timing – February is an incredibly busy month for tech communication pros, and I am no exception.

So my date and I will meet in March after the madness has subsided!

This feature was published in the March 2019 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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