Tyre Talk Column: Wednesday is Ladies Day at Tyres Direct

Ray Pantling, owner of Tyres Direct in Bletchley, explains how he is making bespoke hand-made earrings for local ladies as part of his new promotion.

Every Wednesday is Ladies Day at Tyres Direct and I’ve lined up a host of treats for the wonderful women of MK.

Simply purchase a tyre for your car and, included in the deal totally free of charge, you will receive a coffee on arrival and demonstrations on how to inflate your tyres and how to change a wheel in the event of a puncture.

But the most exciting part is a personal hand-made gift from me – a bespoke pair of earrings cut from recycled tyre rubber to your specific size. I will create a unique design for you – see some of my work in the photos above and lots more on our Facebook (@TyresDirectBletch) and Instagram (tyresdirectmk).

In addition, if you purchase the premium mid range tyre brand GT RADIAL, you will be given a 90-day trial money back guarantee. Or, if you purchase the FALKEN premium brand, we will give you a free accidental warranty.

Call us on 01908 367770 to register your place – I look forward to meeting you!

This feature was published in the March 2019 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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