Debora Tentis Column: How to buy luxury products for their real price

Beauty Pie is a community of beauty lovers created by a team of beauty addicts that have access to the labs where the luxury products have created.

Beauty Pie is a subscription service where the community pays a modest monthly fee to be able to buy luxury products for prices way low their retail price.

Practically, we can obtain the luxury products for almost the production prices, avoiding the publicity and retails adds on.

Every member pay a monthly subscription as 5, 10, 20 pounds or more and she receives a spending limit of the retail prices, but she actually pays only the Beauty Pie price. The whole system is a brilliant and exceptional idea. Let me share with you more details.

See? I told you! 🙂 This is a fantastic idea for us, beauty lovers!

Another thing that is great, I choose to pay 10£ every month for 100£ spending limit, but I don’t need every month new products. The system works in that way, so your unspent limit is keeping add to next month’s spending limit. When you are ready to place an order, you can buy all your beauty products for a few bucks. You can check all the details on their website here.

For buying products here is your link, for the first-month free subscription here is your link.

My opinion about the beauty Pie products

The products are created into different labs all around Europe, and their products are high-end and luxury products. The products are cleaner as they can, and the packages are recycled. I’m using Beauty Pie products every day and I love them. Next month I’m planning to order more products.

Apparently, most of the Beauty Pie products are very similar to well-known brands like Nars, MAC, Charlotte Tilbury and other brands. They don’t say it and I can not say that they are dupes after specific brands, but it’s clear that they use the same labs and similar recipes because the texture of the products is the same.

They have makeup products and skin care products. For skincare, they use the K-products theme and ingredients.

How to buy from Beauty Pie – get a free month

If you are budgeting or maybe you want the product and not all hype behind the product, this service is for you. Of course, you will find only a few people talking about this because the beauty Pie doesn’t want to invest in advertisements. I’m telling you, you have to try this, at least for a month and you will see.

To help you, I have a free month for you so you need to use this link, create an account and place the order. After you’ve received the products, you can cancel the subscription if you wish. Don’t forget to use this link for receiving a free month (your first month).

For buying products here is your link, for the first-month free subscription here is your link.

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