IKEA Bletchley and the Lions Club of Bletchley team up to help MK Snaps

The Lions Club of Bletchley have teamed up with IKEA to help improve the ambience of the restaurant area at MK Snaps.

As part of the collaboration, IKEA and Lions together have supplied the restaurant furniture, whilst the Lions team built and installed it.

This will provide benefits for both learners and customers of MK Snaps when using this area for mid-morning breaks and lunch. The customers of the restaurant are helping with the training of the learners to progress to jobs in the catering industry.

MK Snap offers professional support to learners with a range of learning difficulties and challenges. The learners are from Milton Keynes and the surrounding local authorities and include adults recovering from stroke or head injury, those with visual or mobility impairment, and those with learning disabilities, such as those on the autistic spectrum.

The MK Snap Café opens its doors every Tuesday and Thursday from 10-12.30 to everybody in the community. Anyone looking to visit the café at 20 Bourton Low in Walnut Tree.

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