Ginger Mum Column: Realistic resolutions for 2019

Local lifestyle blogger Ginger Mum talks about setting herself achievable targets for 2019 and her favourite gym workout…

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic festive period and are raring to go.

I’m full of great plans and goals for 2019 like most people’s start of the year, but so many people (me included sometimes) fall by the wayside too quickly by setting targets which are unrealistic or beyond the realms of what is reasonable.

I have purposely set out this year to give myself more realistic, achievable targets so that I can feel motivated by my small wins and not get too bogged down with what I haven’t been able to do.

Just be kind to yourself whilst living your best life!

With that in mind, something exciting I will be hosting this month is a dinner for some of my followers, at the newly refurbished Wagamama in Xscape MK!

How exciting that I get to meet lots of you and we can get to know each other over my absolute favourite food! Bang Bang cauliflower anyone?

That’s not all – as it will be focusing on mindfulness, the menu will be exclusively created for the night. Make sure you check out my social channels this month for all the details and hopefully I will see some of you there.

I didn’t stop going to the gym pre-Christmas or overindulge too much, I kept on a steady plan which worked well alongside a fair bit of party time, so I don’t have a mountain to climb this Jan.

I’m excited to get in some more Blaze sessions at David Lloyd Club, which is a fastpaced mix of treadmill, boxing and weights which gives serious results for short 45 minute session bursts – just the way I like it!

Also, I might try and get myself into Yoga there too as it seems to do wonders for some people. Fingers crossed it works some magic on me.

Whatever your plans or goals for this year, don’t be too hard on yourself and just work on enhancing who you already are, because you are enough! See you in February guys!

You can follow Ginger Mum’s blog at or on social media at @gingermumstyle.

This feature was published in the January 2019 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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