Emma’s hard work pays off at UK Money Bloggers’ Awards

‘The Money Whisperer’ wins two prestigious awards at London ceremony.

Milton Keynes mum Emma Maslin, founder of The Money Whisperer, has won two prestigious awards at the UK Money Bloggers’ Annual Awards.

The former corporate financier, who only started writing her personal finance and family lifestyle blog in 2017, scooped the awards for Best Personal Finance Blog and Best Family & Money Blog at the 2018 ceremony in London.

“I started The Money Whisperer because I believe that financial health and wellbeing is not a luxury just for the wealthy,” explained Emma.

“It’s a basic need for all of us. “Money wasn’t a topic which we studied at school and yet decisions around how we make it, what we spend it on and how we manage it can literally change our lives.”

The Money Whisperer covers broad personal finance and family lifestyle topics including childcare costs, insurance, pensions, writing a will, saving and investing.

Through the blog and her money coaching service, Emma is empowering people to take control of their financial situation and learn good money habits.

After recently featuring in the national press in campaigns around child benefit and state pensions, Emma was thrilled to win the Best Family & Money Blog category.

She said: “As a parent myself – I’m a mummy to two little girls – I want to help other parents to talk about what they don’t know about money and be empowered to make good decisions.

“Of all the things I write about, the content that is most meaningful for me is that which enables other families to make valuable moneyrelated choices.

“Once you have dependents, a level of personal finance knowledge is crucial. I was shocked by how many of my readers have no will. I’ve promoted the value of life insurance, even if you are a stay at home mum, and been involved in a Daily Mail/This is Money campaign recently to change the rules around backdating state pension credits for parents who didn’t apply for child benefit.

“My content on these topics drives so many emails from thankful parents who have ticked a task off their ‘too hard basket’ list because of my guidance.”

Emma’s focus going in to 2019 is to change the way that women engage with money. The media at large plays a huge role in how each sex identifies with money, with women more generally targeted as the money savers rather than the money makers.

Emma is working to shake this up by inspiring women to get interested in investing and saving for the future.

‘Women think about money differently to men, and it’s been great to write in a way that gets them thinking about the importance of financial independence,” she explained.

“2019 will see a lot more content on the website and coaching courses on investing, pensions, future planning and wealth generation.’

Visit themoneywhisperer.co.uk and follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This feature was published in the January 2019 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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