Reel Reviewer Column: Margot in Mary, Queen of Scots

Jason Day previews the first wave of movie releases to hit the cinema screens in 2019…

Mary, Queen of Scots (out on January 18)

Previous film adaptations of the 16th century monarch have drawn criticism for staging something that never happened – her physical meeting with cousin Elizabeth I. Here, they share significant screen time.

I’m a pedant for historical accuracy with big events of the past so, until I see the final piece, it’s difficult to judge if this approach to history will score. Saorise Ronan plays Mary, Margot Robbie is Elizabeth.

The Favourite (out Jan 1)

This vicious, tart comedy stars Emma Stone as a new Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Anne (Olivia Colman), starting off on the wrong foot when she clashes with established confidante Rachel Weisz.

Welcome to Marwen (Jan 1)

Crime victim Steve Carell creates a toy-town. In this fantasy world he lives in safety, staging events that unfold outside as doll stories. Is he having a breakdown or avoiding facing his attackers in court?

The Front Runner (Jan 11)

There are several political films out this month, timely following the recent US mid-term elections. Hugh Jackman stars here as Senator Gary Hart whose campaign for the Presidential seat (against George Bush, Sr. catastrophically went off the rails when an affair came to light.

The Upside (Jan 11)

Bryan Cranston stars as a man who is quadriplegic. He hires Kevin Hart, who is on probation, as his next member of support staff. Nicole Kidman democratises between them as they venture out and ruffle up feathers in this observant comedy.

Second Act (Jan 25) Jennifer Lopez stars as an out of work New Yorker who fakes a Facebook page that lands her a dream Madison Avenue job. A cute and frothy confection.

The Mule (Jan 25)

Bleak but interesting drama with Clint Eastwood as a farmer caught trafficking cocaine for a Mexican drug cartel. Slow and easy seems to be Eastwood’s directorial forte of late, so let’s hope he hits the gas here.

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This feature was published in the January 2019 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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