Bletchley Lions Club and Morrisons raise cash for Food Cupboard

The Lions Club of Bletchley and Morrisons at Westgate have clubbed together to raise food and money for The Food Cupboard in Bletchley.

The generosity saw the donation of 8 large shopping trolleys of food and a total of £312 into the money collecting boxes during the collection period, with the food and money to be used by The Food Cupboard in Bletchley for locally people.

One person donated almost a full trolley of food and another family with four children, each child had a small shopping basket with food into donate. The Lions Club would like to thank Morrison’s for allowing us to collect food at their Westgate store.

Both money and food donated was more than last year, so thanks to all the people who donated and The Lions that collected the food. All requests for food parcels are received from Milton Keynes Children’s Social Services.

Over the years, the Food Cupboard has become a prime unbiased source upon which these professional people call for emergency short-term support for families in need.

Food is delivered directly to the door of every recipient family within 4-6 hours, with no cost to themselves. The service is provided through voluntary donation; be it food, time or financial support.

There are two food packs + vegetarian food packs distributed by Food Cupboard, with one that provides the basic food needed to feed a family of four for one week and one for a small family such as a single parent and baby or very young child with nappies and baby milk/food as required.

The packs include non-perishable, frozen and fresh food. An adjustment is made for family size by increasing or decreasing the frozen and fresh food. Larger families may well receive a ‘double pack’ made up of two complete packs.

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