Blaze classes prove a knockout to whip MK mum Liga into shape

Liga Gray reviews the new 45-minute high intensity interval training sessions, called Blaze, at David Lloyd Club MK…

Within the space of just half a year, the new Blaze classes at David Lloyd Club in Newlands have totally transformed my life – and my body.

By doing three classes a week since the launch of Blaze in April, I have reduced my body weight by 4.7kg, my body fat by 4.5%, my fat mass by 3.9kg and increased my muscle percentage by 5%.

It has also helped me to significantly reduce my stress levels as a mum of two very lively children!

Blaze is unique as it’s the ultimate full body workout, like nothing I have ever experienced before.

It tests my strength, stamina and willpower as I run, lift and fight – pushing myself to my limit as I burn around 500 calories per class.

Light, epic dance music and energy powers me through my 45-minute workout as the superb instructors challenge me to achieve amazing results.

A Myzone heart-rate belt tracks my performance on a digital screen on the wall, so I work my body at the right intensity to get the most from my workout.

There are three different zones – cardio, strength and combat – with Woodway treadmills in the cardio zone, a weight bench in strength, and suspended punch and core bags in the combat zone.

You spend three minutes at each station before moving on and the results, for me, have been life-changing.

Come and join the MK Blaze tribe!

Call 01908 207907 to find out about the membership packages available at David Lloyd Club Milton Keynes

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